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Meeting space booking made simple

MeetingRule helps your startup prepare a post-COVID workspace with its realtime space availability display, instant booking and usage restriction control, in sync with your Google Calendar.

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Availability synced with Google Calendar

From a meeting room or a conference space to a shared desk or a huddle place, you’ll see whether any space is available or occupied, based on your company’s Google Calendar (available for Google Workspace users). Check availability and book a space directly from the room display with one single tap.

All the settings in one place

All the device, calendar, space and checklist settings can be configured on MeetingRule's administrative screen, where you can manage calendar-space connection, check-in requirement, information visibility, usage limitation settings, notification texts and so on.

Collect feedback at check-in

Employee voice is always important but difficult to gather. Through its easily-customizable checklist feature, MeetingRule helps collect anonymous employee feedback and up-to-date feelings in less than 5 seconds on average, simultaneously when every one checks in at their meetings.

Cope with the new normal at work

Every individual now has to do one's best to keep every workspace clean and safe during (and even after) coronavirus pandemic. So it's important that everyone knows what to do when entering and leaving a meeting room, and MeetingRule helps do with customizable check-in/out messages and checklists.

MeetingRule is made for today's agile workplaces.

MeetingRule simply focuses on what you actually need, so we can keep providing MeetingRule for free.

iOS & Android apps

Google Calendar sync

Occupancy status view

Instant scheduling

Checklist screen


Extend and End now

Event detail overview

Event participant list

Daily timeline view

Contact support, and so on...

Web administrative dashboard

Google Workspace authentication

Calendar list

Device list

Calendar-device connection

Checklist settings & analytics

Check-in settings

Display settings

Notification & message settings

Maximum capacity & length control

Workspace management, and so on...

Only billed when used. Otherwise, free.

$8 /device/month

It will be down to $0 when a device is not in use for 10 or more days in a month!

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Why MeetingRule can be free?

  • MeetingRule 100% focuses on what Google Calendar customers actually need, and never spends any seconds on non-core features.

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Good-bye, meeting conflicts.

No more double bookings

No more late-start meetings

No more overtime meetings

No more recurring-but-unattended schedules

No more unapproved use of spaces

Make the most of Google Calendar with MeetingRule, and your team's collaborative productivity gets unleashed!